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The benefits of Portable Bluetooth thermal printer

2015-06-24 09:00:00 REMEETE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Read
Portable thermal printers nowadays are more and more widely used in different kinds of application areas, such as meter reading, law enforcement, insurance, etc, because the portable thermal printers offer people the below benefits:
Reliable printing from laptops and handhelds 
The thermal printing technology used in portable thermal printers has been proven reliable for years. So you will be able to print the documents they need even in extreme heat and cold, which makes these devices more reliable in the field under almost any conditions. 
Print documents faster 
Compared to inject printers, laser printers, the thermal printers can print much faster, with low noise.
Easier to operate and maintain in the field
With wireless connectivity to handheld devices via Bluetooth technology interfaces and with no inks, toners or ribbons to replace, the mobile thermal printers are easy to use and maintain anyone of all levels of computer experience. There’s only one consumable – thermal paper. So with easy connectivity, simple operation, and fewer supplies to manage, there’s a lot less to go wrong in the field.
Great convenience in mobile printing
Able to work under the tablet and smartphones, Bluetooth portable printers provide great convenience in mobile printing.
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